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Re: Cake PHP Migration Problems

Subject: Re: Cake PHP Migration Problems
From: jmdesign
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 01:35:13 -0700 PDT
Thanks for the replies, I thought it might be a doc route issue, I
presume the doc route is this section of code:

        define('APP_DIR', 'app');
        define('DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);
        define('ROOT', dirname(__FILE__));

        define('WEBROOT_DIR', 'webroot');
        define('WWW_ROOT', ROOT . DS . APP_DIR . DS . WEBROOT_DIR . DS);

Does that look right if the site is in a sub-folder off the route? At
the moment I can't access any parts of the site (internal server error
on everything). I'm going to take a closer look around the clients
control panel and see if he's missed the error logs.

Thanks for the help so far.


On Oct 21, 4:52 am, rgreenphotodesign <rgr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Could be a mod_rewrite issue or a doc root issue, check to make sure
> the doc root is set to /path/to/yoursite/app/webroot/. A new server
> will mean new database credentials as well, so make sure they've been
> updated.
> On Oct 20, 6:01 pm, cricket <zijn.digi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 11:33 AM, jmdesign
> > <webmas...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Hi All,
> > > I'm having a problem with a Cake PHP site that I was hoping somebody
> > > could help me with. I'm a front-end coder so don't normally get
> > > involved with any nasty development work but a client has asked me to
> > > look at something for them for a favour. I've taken a look but it's
> > > way over my head and he's fallen out with the developer who originally
> > > built it.
> > > It's a Cake PHP site which he's recently moved from one server to
> > > another, it was working fine on the old server but now all he's
> > > getting are Internal Server Error messages (he doesn't have an error
> > > log to check). The only thing I can think of is that it's something to
> > > do with the folder structure on the new hosting account. On the old
> > > one everything was located in the "public_html" folder whereas his new
> > > setup is located in a sub-folder "london" (although the URL for the
> > > site is stillwww.websitename.com).
> > > Does this sound like it could be the cause of his problems or am I
> > > barking up the wrong tree?!
> > Maybe. What's the context of the errors? Can you get anything at all to 
> > display?
> > If he doesn't have access to the logs this must be a shared hosting
> > account. Does he at least have Plesk or something similar? They
> > usually provide some sort of log viewer. If not, have him contact the
> > provider. If they won't allow him to see the logs they should be
> > responsible for findingout what they say.
> > Better yet, find a better provider.

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