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Cake Can't Load Models?

Subject: Cake Can't Load Models?
From: Lee
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 09:31:18 -0700 PDT
I'm at my wits end with this problem, so I sincerely hope someone can
think of a solution...

First a little background: This is my first Cake app. I've been
working on it exclusively on my local machine. As of right now
everything looks fine there. Finally, I tried deploying it to the
development server yesterday, with little success. First I had to
change some apache configurations to allow Cake's .htaccess files to
work. Then I had to change the PHP configuration to get a SOAP
component I'm using to work properly. Finally the problem I'm having
now, the one I can't seem to resolve, is that Cake presumably cannot
find any of the model files; for example:
" Database table networks for model Network was not found."

So, one might think, I have my file named wrong, or my useTable
directive is wrong, but no; remember, it works fine on my local
machine. This only happens when I deploy on the dev server.

Next one might think my database configuration is wrong. Again, I
really don't think so. If I actually go and create the default table
that Cake would look for, it find that table, so it appears to be
connecting to the database properly.

This makes me thing that for whatever reason, some environmental
factor is preventing Cake from actually loading the models. I tried
adding the full path to the model directory, in bootstrap.php, and
that didn't work either. I've set every file in the cake project to
777 for the sake of overcoming this -- no luck.

Has anyone encountered something like this before? Is it something
with my Apache setup? My MySQL setup? I'm really grasping at straws at
this point. Also FYI: my local system is Windows, the dev server is
running Ubuntu.



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