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Losing Session on redirect (wierd)

Subject: Losing Session on redirect wierd
From: Renato de Freitas Freire
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 18:18:09 -0300
Hello all.

I aways heard about this problem, in several languages...
But never happend to me...

This week, my client was working with 25 conections at same time, in same place, same network, same internet link...

I dont know why, but one person get one record of the clients table to get client information...
Ok.. this information is sent to the view...
In my view, i show the name of the user and the informations of the client...
When I get one record to work, I run an update on the table setting the field INUSE=1, so others wont take this record...
My query is like this:

$record = $this->Client->find("first",array("conditions" => array("Client.inuse" => 0)));
And right after this query, I have this:

$record["Client"]["inuse"] = 1;

This is working...
Now I save Client ID in session:


In my view, I show the Client information getting it from Setted var: $this->set("client",$record["Client"]);

In every action, I check if the Client is set in the session...

Sometimes, I lost this data.. and I dont have the Client data in session, neither the logon info of the user.
And sometimes (this is wierd), other user got the Client data AND USER DATA from other person who was working in another computer...
I really dont know figure it out how this can happen...

Ok, all the computers are equal (same hardware), its in the same network, going through same proxy server, using the same valid external ip, using the same browser...
but I really can find how this happen...

Im using this session settings  :
Configure::write('Session.save', 'cake');
Configure::write('Session.cookie', 'CAKEPHP');
Configure::write('Session.timeout', '120000');
Configure::write('Session.start', true);
Configure::write('Session.checkAgent', true);
Configure::write('Security.level', 'low');

But ONLY in this week I got this problem... This system is running for like a month, and never get this kind of error.

The only thing I believe can mess up with my session is when the user need to go to into other domain, process some data, and then return to the system (through header("Location: myaddress.com/mysystem/controller/action/");)

Anyone have any tip?
Am I doing something wrong?
Can anyone help me with this issue?


Renato de Freitas Freire
[email protected]

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