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Advice for personalized email (i.e. newsletter, mass email)

Subject: Advice for personalized email i.e. newsletter, mass email
From: tcornett
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 15:36:22 -0700 PDT
I am looking to setup an aspect of my cakephp application to handle
the emailing of a large number of individuals with a personalized
email message. [THIS IS NOT FOR SPAM]  I have been looking around and
I cant really seem to find anything that handles this situation well.

A couple of the major roadblocks that I have run into are :
 1) Persistent connection with the SMTP server.  Instead of connecting
for one message, I need to be able to connect, send X emails, and then
disconnect.  There does not seem to be anything out there for this
type of behavior
 2) The need for personalization in each email.  It can not be 1 email
with 50 recipients.  It would end up being 50 emails each with
different information in the body of the email.
 3) Request timeout - If I try to send them all at once, the request
will time out.  I would rather have a setup where an automated process
picks up the email and sends them.

I have looked into CRON jobs based solutions, found basic queue and
deferring processing techniques but nothing really handles this
situation, IMHO is a pretty basic problem for any application with
users.  I know I am basically building a mailing list manager but it
is just going to be one aspect of the app.

Does anyone have any directions to point me in or ideas for solutions?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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