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Re: View (form->input) - Disable word wrap?

Subject: Re: View (form->input) - Disable word wrap?
From: John Andersen
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 23:45:18 -0700 PDT
I would use the forms standard DIV class instead of giving it an id.
For example:

[css code]
.input label{
.input input{
[/css code]

If you have more than one input field, then you can use the input
fields id to define different width to those that may require a longer
or shorter input field.

On Apr 19, 9:09 am, sebb86 <kahlc...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> John
> Hello,
> thank you. I had a similar idea. But how do i code this?
> [my css code]
> #input
> {
>   float:left;}
> [/code]
> [view code]
> echo $form->input('db_field', array('label' => 'Label', 'maxLength' =>
> '20%', 'div' => array('id' => 'input')));
> [/code]

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