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Re: My App is Getting too Slow

Subject: Re: My App is Getting too Slow
From: Ayman Bedair
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 06:21:40 -0700 PDT
Hey Jon...

Actually I am running this on a windows server so the folders should
be writable with no problems.

I only have the Containable Behavior on all the models (AppModel) and
Tree in both ARO and ACO (ACL) models. I believe this is not a

Here below is an example of the associated models to the this
controller's main model.

var $hasOne = array("MODEL");
var $hasMany =
        var $belongsTo = array(
                                'MODEL', MODEL', 'MODEL', 'MODEL', 'MODEL',
                                'Source' => array(
                                'className' => 'Source',
                                'foreignKey' => 'source_id'
                                'SubSource' => array(
                                'className' => 'Source',
                                'foreignKey' => 'sub_source_id'
                'Staff' => array(
                                'className' => 'Staff',
                                'foreignKey' => 'staff_id'
                'DelegatedTo' => array(
                                'className' => 'Staff',
                                'foreignKey' => 'delegated_to'
                                ) );

So as you can see there a a number of few models attached. And I am
still expecting this to increase... but this shouldn't be a problem
too cuz I am using containable

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