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Re: My App is Getting too Slow

Subject: Re: My App is Getting too Slow
From: Dérico Filho
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 13:57:04 -0700 PDT
79 queries into a single database?

You see, there's this design flaw in CakePHP, in which it connects
into database as soon as the controller is instantiated. I am not sure
about other database drivers, BUT, in Mysql's, i.e. if you have 4
databases schemas, and you happen to use 4 models in a single
controller, each model connecting into a different database schema,
you'll end up having 4 database connections for _each_ request you got
in this controller - either you use the model object or not. 4
connections to 4 database schemas, even if they're in the same

Also take a look into the I/O resource used to connect into the
database, which turns out to be a bottleneck point. If webserver and
database are within the same host, consider using unix socket instead
TCP/IP connections, it'll help to reduce connection latency.

In my previous experience with such performance issues regarding DB, I
solved this problem of yours when I've hidden CakePHP of the
application. I mean, dinamically generating static pages with

For instance:
http://www.domain.com.br/customer/view/123.html is generated by

Dérico Filho

On Apr 6, 5:06 am, Ayman Bedair <ayma...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My CakePHP app is getting very slow... Although the debug give me
> "(default) 79 queries took 24 ms" the pages takes about 8 to 10
> seconds to load. Other script running on the same server are
> performing well, even empty pages on this same application is still
> loading good with all the App Controller functions running. Yet it is
> too slow in querying pages even if the autoRender is set to false. so
> it has nothing to do with the HTML and Images !! :(
> I thought it's with the mobile device detection I had there but that
> runs in the App Controller beforeFilter() function so it should be
> running on empty pages too !!!
> Is there a way i can debug that parts that makes all this delay ?!

Check out the new CakePHP Questions site http://cakeqs.org and help others with 
their CakePHP related questions.

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