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Re: My App is Getting too Slow

Subject: Re: My App is Getting too Slow
From: Jon Bennett
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 16:28:53 +0100
Hi Ayman,

> var $hasOne = array("MODEL");

^ looks ok

> var $hasMany =
> array("MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL","MODEL"=>array("order"=>"MODEL.created
> ASC"));

^ looks ok

>        var $belongsTo = array(
>                                'MODEL', MODEL', 'MODEL', 'MODEL', 'MODEL',
>                                'Source' => array(
>                                'className' => 'Source',
>                                'foreignKey' => 'source_id'
>                                ),
>                                'SubSource' => array(
>                                'className' => 'Source',
>                                'foreignKey' => 'sub_source_id'
>                                ),
>                'Staff' => array(
>                                'className' => 'Staff',
>                                'foreignKey' => 'staff_id'
>                                ),
>                'DelegatedTo' => array(
>                                'className' => 'Staff',
>                                'foreignKey' => 'delegated_to'
>                                ) );

^ Looks wrong - you have MODEL MODEL MODEL then source, is that
actually what you have?

> So as you can see there a a number of few models attached. And I am
> still expecting this to increase... but this shouldn't be a problem
> too cuz I am using containable

No, the models are all connected when the app is instanciated,
containable only affects things when you're querying the database.

Remove some associations to see if that fixes it. If it does, rethink
you're data model or look into the lazy loading behaviour.



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