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Re: falsefalse

Subject: Re: falsefalse
From: "Arak Tai'Roth"
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 12:53:29 -0800 PST
I tried with just something simple:

$dbpermit = $this->Permit->find('first', array(
                                'conditions' => array(
                                        'Permit.id' => $id
                                'contain' => array(

which worked as expected, grabbing the Permit info and the Leader
info. Then I added one more level of complexity to it:

$dbpermit = $this->Permit->find('first', array(
                                'conditions' => array(
                                        'Permit.id' => $id
                                'contain' => array(
                                        'Leader' => array('Country')

And this is where the problems start. I get Permit and Leader info as
before, but no Country info. So it seems to me like contain just is
not recognizing a second contain array inside of itself.

On Feb 25, 2:30 pm, John Andersen <j.andersen...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok, understood :)
> Then maybe take it step by step - make a find from Permit with contain
> Leader and nothing more.
> If it works, expand the find with Country.
> If it still works, expand with ProvState.
> and so on.
> Then tell us your result of the step by step method :)
>    John
> On Feb 25, 10:24 pm, "Arak Tai'Roth" <nielsen.dus...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:> I had 
> indeed read the same things as you had. I did try them, but I
> > was leery to say the least. I have never defined the foreignKey in the
> > fields array and I've never had a problem. Same with defining the
> > models. I never work directly on those models ever, so I don't need
> > them. Same goes for RegistrationLocation and Activity, they do not
> > have their own model files and yet still work properly. So needless to
> > say, those solutions did not bear fruit either.
> > Because there is so much similarity between models that are giving me
> > the right data and this one. And the fact that this one gives me the
> > right data when the find is called on itself. I am lead to believe
> > that the error is in some way I am writing the contain array, however
> > everything I have read has told me write the array in that manner,
> > which just adds to my confusion.
> [snip]

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