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Problem with recursion and Containable

Subject: Problem with recursion and Containable
From: "Arak Tai'Roth"
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 23:22:11 -0800 PST
So I've been searching for a solution to my problem for a little while
now. However everything I find seems to imply that what I am doing is
correct, so I am rather confused about this at the moment. Likely it's
something simple, but I'm sure as heck not seeing it.

I have a model named Leader, which belongsTo Country and ProvState.
When I retrieve Leader information, I also want to get info on Country
and ProvState. I also have a model Permit, which belongsTo Leader.

I am using Containable, and it is in app_model.

This find call works properly and retrieves everything from Leader,
Country, and ProvState properly.
$dbleader = $this->Leader->find('first', array(
                                'conditions' => array(
                                        '' => $id
                                'contain' => array(
                                        'Country', 'ProvState'

However, this does not:
$dbpermit = $this->Permit->find('first', array(
                                'conditions' => array(
                                        '' => $id
                                'contain' => array(
                                        'Leader' => array('Country', 
'ProvState'), 'User',
'RegistrationLocation', 'Activity'

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