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Re: TLP proposal

Subject: Re: TLP proposal
From: Felipe Leme
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 23:42:15 -0300
Henri Yandell wrote:
Anyone mind if I go ahead and organize a TLP resolution (on the wiki)
> for a testing.apache.org that Cactus/JMeter committers can then sign
> their names up to as PMC members etc?

Of course not, be welcome :-)

BTW, sorry for stalling the move, but I still haven't got the spare time I have planned, so I didn't want to start the movement and then quit (I haven't even released Cactus 1.17.2 yet...)

Reflecting on what the chair role is, there's more organization
involved in getting out of Jakarta than there is in anything you've
got to do once you're out. Given that I'm the one looking to simplify
my role, it seems fair that I should put the effort in instead of
giving you guys pain.

Well, if it's not that bad as you mentioned here (and in the other message), I think I could take that role...


-- Felipe

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