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RE: 1.7 release

Subject: RE: 1.7 release
From: "Vincent Massol"
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 18:51:38 +0100

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> From: Felipe Leme [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: jeudi 4 novembre 2004 19:32
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> Subject: 1.7 release
> Vincent,
> What do you think we release an intermediate Cactus 1.7 (like 1.7M1 or
> 1.7-dev1) release, before we start the Cargo refactoring? There's been a
> lot of bug fixes recently, specially those regarding AspectJ and JDK 1.5.

I'm fine with releasing a proper Cactus 1.7 version. I don't think we need
more features tucked in. Now if you feel comfortable with releasing a
1.7-beta, I'm also fine (but remember it's twice the same amount of work and
everything on the branch has to be merged on HEAD).
I said I would try to do a release last week but I haven't found the time...
Sorry. I'm still catching up with what happened on the cactus code base and


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