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RE: Cactus-132 bug (+ some other comments on test06)

Subject: RE: Cactus-132 bug + some other comments on test06
From: "Felipe Leme"
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 18:10:25 -0200
> Ok, thanks. What I don't understand is what is this Resources.java file in
> test06? 

It's not test06, it's testIncludedResources :-)

Felipe, any idea? It's not commented and its use is not obvious to
> me. The fact that there is no sourceDirectory defined and that the test
> still passes seem to indicate it's not required and it should be deleted. Is
> this true? ;-)

Yes, I guess it's not necessary.

> WAR are there!). Would it be possible to comment all files that are
> committed so that we have at least the same level of comment quality than
> what exists in the rest of Cactus? We don't need to overdo it, but anywhere
> where it's not obvious would be much welcome... :-)

I do commit every file, but sometimes I use the same comment for a recursive 
commit (that's what happened in this case). So,  I think we should either 
document  the class itself or, better yet, document what the test case does in 
the <description> (at the POM level).

> This seems completely useless to me and we've paid great attention in all
> the rest of the Cactus code not to have this (because it's not useful IMO).
> Let me know if there's a reason I don't see! :-)


> Last, the rule we have followed so far in Cactus was to name JUnit tests
> with the following pattern: TestXXXX.java. I know lots of people prefer the
> pattern XXXTest.java (I also do prefer it now - I didn't some time back).

Ok, I'm fine with that.

> The problem is that we have to be consistent and follow the existing
> pattern. If we want to change it, fine, I'm all for it, but we would need to
> change it for all files (which can be done in a scattered way).

Agreed - convention is important. BTW, what about defining a default package 
for testcase classes (for instance, org.apache.cactus.testcases.maven)?

-- Felipe

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