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Re: Sample compile on Windows VC7.1 link error

Subject: Re: Sample compile on Windows VC7.1 link error
From: Andrew Wilson
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 17:30:33 +0000
Thanks Alberto, but still no luck.

I have copied the 4 lib files (xerces-???.dll) both into the Visual
Studio bin directory and into the new CreateDomDocument folder next
to the source files.

I would rather copy the Xerces .dll in the directory where the sample .exe will be placed; the Visual Studio bin directory is not guaranteed to be in the PATH.
I copied the 2 debug dlls into the Debug folder of the new CreateDomDocument folder. I still get the link error.

Under Tool > Options > Projects > VC++ Directories I have set the
directory options for Include files and Library to point into the
original xerces source downloads, to \src and \lib respectively.

If you built Xerces from sources, the proper lib directory are builds\win32\vc7.1\debug and builds\win32\vc7.1\release
Then I changed the lib directory to the longer debug directory as described above. I still get the error.

If I remove both of the above (the copied dlls and the lib directory pointers) then I get:
cannot open file 'xerces-c_2D.lib'

and then if I put the lib directory back into the Tools > Options, I'm back to the 5 Link errors, so presumably that file is being found.


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