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Role of .ser file in WSM

Subject: Role of .ser file in WSM
From: "Daryoush Mehrtash"
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 14:18:55 -0700
> - the role of the .ser file seems to be to preserve a metadata shape

> that was computed from the JWS file itself.  Since this file available

> at both build and run time, it seems to make sense to recompute

> (once!) at runtime so that the .ser files aren't necessary.  But, I

> don't have the historical background here -- Dims, Ias, Daryoush, can

> you provide some background here?  Is the .ser file really needed or

> can the same data be calculated at runtime when a service is wired-up

> in Axis?


.ser file exist for one reason and one reason only.  JSR 181  says that
name of a @WebParam by default is:


Name of the parameter as it appears in the argument list.


The issue is that this name gets lost after the class is compiled.   The
original WSM was based on Reflection that there was no Serialized file.


An alternative solution is to require the JWS files to be compiled with
Debug option which preserves the argument names.    


Is it needed?  Well it depends on your preferred method to get the
argument name:  require the user to compile its JWS in debug, or keep
the serialized file.  Is there a third option?




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