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RE: refactored build for controls/

Subject: RE: refactored build for controls/
From: "Heather Stephens"
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 10:02:54 -0800
Today is the day we are working towards.

I backed into this schedule assuming we had to have a release by 11/12,
that a vote needed 3d and that QA needed 3 working days with no changes
unless absolutely required.

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From: Eddie O'Neil 
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 9:42 AM
To: Beehive Developers
Subject: Re: refactored build for controls/

   My changes are in both v1/alpha and trunk now.  I was under the 
impression (someone correct me if I'm wrong), that we weren't going to 
roll a source distribution.

   At some point soon, we're going to have to cut-off v1/alpha checkins 
in order to actually publish a release for ApacheCon.  Heather, any idea

what this date is?  So, we might either hurry or not worry about



[email protected] wrote:
>>Yeah, svn-snapshot was better than nothing -- using datetimestamp
>>be even better.  Just didn't have a place to hang that that everyone 
>>would use when creating their distro JARs.  Should have that now.  <g>
> I'll add that logic to the build-common then.
>>>btw, for the ApacheCon dist, v1/alpha/ is the branch I should be on?
>>Good question.  <g>  I've done all of my work in trunk/ and not
>>about having that ready for ApacheCon.  If others have opinions here 
>>(Ken?), speak now and I can likely roll my trunk/ changes back into 
> If we're doing a milestone distribution drop for apachecon, I think
> the build changes will help contribute to a nice tidy release, so if
> you could, push at least your build.xml changes on into the branch for
> me.   I, too, have been working on the trunk/ only because I wasn't
> sure which was which.  The peanut/ removal occurred on trunk/, which,
> if peanut can really go away, applying that nukage to v1/alpha/ would
> be great also.
>       thanks, guys,
>       -bob

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