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refactored build for controls/

Subject: refactored build for controls/
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 17:12:20 -0500
Grab this:


Untar it from the root of your beehive/ workspace.

from controls/

        ant -f 2build.xml build

Should build the controls, but not run the tests.  Will need to
wire that up in a bit.

from controls/test/

        ant -f 2build.xml build

Should recurse into controls/test/tools/, build the 4 tools, and then
run the tch tests.


        a) no BEEHIVE_HOME required.

        b) beehive-common.properties is the only properties file participating
           in the build, an only to set ${beehive.version}.

        c) All produced jars are versioned.

        d) All produced files are created under build/ of the given directory.
           This makes 'clean' a lot easier.

        e) The tests run using the 'real' mantis/tch in test/tools/... and not
           the checked-in jars from test/infra/...


        a) as noted, controls/ build doesn't automatically run the tests

        b) controls/test/ build runs tch, but doesn't play with tomcat or
           other containers (yet).  Kyle, this would be where I could
           user your wisdom, at least to get tomcat back into the mix.

        c) the XSL stuff isn't wired up.  I could, but I think maybe some
           restructuring of infra/ would make it even easier.

        d) controls/test/tools/ doesn't want to build on Win32 due to
           ant not letting me set os.TCH_SRC etc.  On unix, I can set that
           and it is reflected in the environment.

           The solution to this would be to alter VersionGenerator to use
           properties, which of course work reliably across platforms,
           instead of the Environment hack.   

           I'll be happy to supply a patch/diff to effect this change.

If this general strategy results in happiness, I'll work with Eddie and try
to ripple similar build strategy through netui/ etc.


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