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Apache batik error and partial solution

Subject: Apache batik error and partial solution
From: Bogdan
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 18:54:11 +0200

I'm using batik (JSVGCanvas to be precise) in one of my programs and I've noticed a strange behaviour: batik reports a null pointer. I can't give exact steps to reproduce the problem, but the algorithm is simple: be sure the canvas is active and displaying some elements (works best when adding them on a different thread) and push many, many events changing the root element's "viewbox" attribute. SVGCanvas slows down and often stops reporting a null pointer. The problem lies in (I couldn't reach its author), method "handleAnimatedAttributeChanged", within the following code snippet (directly from svn; present in batik-1.7 too):

    if (rebuild) {
             CompositeGraphicsNode gn = node.getParent();
             disposeTree(e, false);

             handleElementAdded(gn, e.getParentNode(), e);

Using a debugger I was able to find out that "gn" can be null and this is what's causing the problem. Please include a check for null in "gn". If I'm doing something wrong that may be causing this, tell me so and include a check for null in "gn". If this error is caused by some other module, notify its author and ... include a check for null in "gn".

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