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Re: desc and title element exceptions

Subject: Re: desc and title element exceptions
From: marsh
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 10:08:36 -0700 PDT
Sorry for the doubt but you were correct. We had a major conflict with my
java endorsed directory and  classpath setting. We run a stand alone corba
application that only had the endorsed directory set (no classpath). All jar
files where located in the endorsed dir. After figuring out what java files
needed to be endorsed and which ones should be on the classpath it worked. 
Our batik jars are on the classpath now and we got the mouse overs to work! 

Interesting issue to note is that the exception occured when the jars were
in the endorsed directory and the messages.properties file couldnt be found.
Putting batik jars directly on the classpath worked. 

Thank you.

thomas.deweese wrote:
> Hi Marsh,
> marsh <[email protected]> wrote on 07/14/2008 02:08:29 PM:
>> I do have the jar file in my class path and I verified that the 
> properties
>> file existed. I think I found the problem though... I think its a 
> namespace
>> conflict with the html code thats in the properties file. Im not using 
> the
>> svg prefix or namespce.
>      I doubt it.  That 'html code' is for the standard Java text element
> that we use in the tooltip.  I think for some reason it can't find/isn't
> allowed to load the properties file.  Are you running in an Applet or 
> something else that might make permissions a problem?

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