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RE: flowRoot text-decoration bug

Subject: RE: flowRoot text-decoration bug
From: "John Hinke"
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 08:15:08 -0700
Hi Thomas,

I'll file a bug (it's always good to remember them anyway). But I'd be more
interested in trying to fix this myself.  Would you be willing to give me a
few pointers on where to start looking?  I just need something fairly
short-term right now.

For my application I take another XML model and translate that into SVG for
output to PDF or JPG.  One solution I've considered is to find some Batik
API that would let me extract out the lines of text that the flowRoot code
generates and then re-generate the SVG document using plain <text> elements.
I'm not thrilled by this approach but it would work for me in the short

Any idea what API I might want to use (or even locally hack up) that I could
feed it a flowRoot element and get back a set of lines.  I'm more than
willing to cut and extract code to get this working.




> -----Original Message-----
> Hi John,
> "John Hinke" <[email protected]> wrote on 06/18/2007 10:24:07 AM:
> > I've run across what I think is a bug in the flowRoot rendering code:
> > text-decoration styles don't show up.  Here's the example SVG:
>    Well, you are right.  Flow text ignores text-decoration (incomplete
> implementation). However, since we still don't have an idea where the
> SVG WG is going with wrapped text in SVG 1.2 Full it's not likely to
> be fixed any time real soon.
>    You can file a bug report if you want, but I doubt much work will
> be done on it until SVG 1.2 Full is fairly well settled.

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