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Re: Caching DOM and GVT to disk

Subject: Re: Caching DOM and GVT to disk
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 06:00:08 -0400
Hi Rene,

scr <[email protected]> wrote on 05/04/2007 05:33:01 AM:

> > Do you know what the basic breakdown of time is? 
> I tried to compare the times as you told me:
> * Squiggle (4 runs, startup and reloads)
> load:        1281..1547ms
> building:    1860..3187ms
> preparation: 594..1469(!)
> Rendering:   547..1328
> total(?):    5047..5671ms
> What does preparation mean?

   This is doing rendering preperation.
Layout of text, bounds calculation, transform 
cascading, etc.

> Is total the sum of these times or more?

    I think sum is the total time from start of load to
finish of Rendering.

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