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Dependency tracking

Subject: Dependency tracking
From: Cameron McCormack
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 14:28:26 +1000
Hi Thomas.

I was looking through my sXBL code today, which is still in its same
state as a few months ago, and I'm going to start cleaning it up so I
can think about committing it some time soon.

One annoying thing though is that I have event listeners all over the
place, and I'm sure I haven't got all that I need yet to be completely
correct.  I remember you mentioning that it would be good to have a
dependency tracking system that could simplify this sort of thing.  So I
was wondering if you could list some places where this could be used.
If it'll do a good job of simplifying listeners and updates then I'll
refactor my sXBL code to use it (after I write it ;)).

Here's a few areas I can think of to start with:

  - Rebuilding GVT trees when an applicable attribute changes
  - Rebuilding GVT trees when CSS properties change
  - Tracking xlink:hrefs and IDs
  - Tracking xml:base changes
  - Maybe do use element without cloning?

Anything else that might benefit?  Looking at, for example, this bug:


what were the problems in doing the complete tracking of gradients that
reference other gradients?


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