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[apnic-talk] Report on traffic directed to

Subject: [apnic-talk] Report on traffic directed to
From: Geoff Huston
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 11:18:31 +1000

Network has been assigned by IANA to APNIC on the 19th January 2010, 
for use for as public unicast space for further address allocations and 
assignments. Before APNIC commences allocations and assignments from this 
space, APNIC has undertaken a study into The particular question 
under investigation here is the extent to which addresses in network 
are an "attractor" for unwanted traffic. In particular, is there a significant 
level of "leakage" of supposedly private use traffic directed to addresses in that leak into the public Internet?

The report on this study is now available at 
http://www.potaroo.net/studies/1slash8/1slash8.html, and two recommendations 
are included in this report regarding reservations of particular address blocks 
and further followup studies. 

We would be interested in any comments on this report and its recommendations. 
Please followup to [email protected], or directly to us at 
[email protected] if you prefer.


  Geoff Huston
  Chief Scientist, APNIC


  George Michealson
  Senior R&D Scientist, APNIC

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