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[apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] Plan your Attendance at APNIC 30, Bangkok

Subject: [apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] Plan your Attendance at APNIC 30, Bangkok
From: Srinivas Chendi
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 10:46:36 +1000

Plan your Attendance at APNIC 30, Bangkok

23-27 August 2010, The Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

APNIC recognizes the challenge of maintaining your skills and competing
for a limited training budget especially in the current economic
climate. APNIC 30 is a conference designed as an affordable event that
ensures that your organization is at the forefront of networking

Attendance at APNIC 30 is a must for you or your employees.

At APNIC 30, you or your staff will benefit from:

* Hands-On Training and conference session with industry experts. Enjoy
15+ hours of workshops and tutorials, with content that is relevant for
professionals in the field today. Learn about the latest cutting-edge
developments in networking and resource management and take this
knowledge back to your organization to maximize the effectiveness of
your current systems.


* An Interactive Program that allows for networking with industry
leaders. Establish opportunities for your organization by utilizing the
networking events throughout the week. Meet leading vendors and peering
groups to build the valuable relationships that allow your business to
expand and grow. Also take the opportunity to meet potential customers
and attract new talent.


* Hands-On Participation in policy development for Internet number
resources. You can have an impact on policy discussions that determine
the direction of Internet governance. Comment on current policies or
why not propose your own?


Get valuable positive exposure for your business

The APNIC conference event is a well-respected, community-focused
event. Sponsorship brings some great benefits!

Niche market: Target the niche Internet market - unlike attendees at
larger trade shows, APNIC meeting participants are predominantly
Internet networking specialists from across the region.

Global community: Be part of a highly credible global technical
community forum - your brand will be aligned with an important event
for the Internet industry.

Encourage growth: Help encourage growth in the Asia Pacific Internet
community - sponsorship revenue significantly reduces delegate
participation costs, which can be particularly important for those from
developing economies.


Welcome to TOT

APNIC welcomes TOT Public Company Limited (TOT) as the local host for

TOT has been at the forefront of Thailand's telecommunications system
for over 54 years and  has strived to develop and extend integrated
telecommunications services and networks across Thailand and globally.
It provides a variety of audio, visual, and data services, catering to
Thai people across all social sectors.

More information

See the APNIC 30 website for more information.



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