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Re: [apnic-talk] Elections

Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] Elections
From: Matthew Moyle-Croft
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 11:33:32 +1030
On 09/03/2010, at 5:18 PM, Brajesh Jain wrote:
> Not even one EC person thought it fit to spend few minutes to
> try to get some viewpont of ISOC in delhi. On the contrary I felt ( may be
> wrongly) complete neglect and high arrogance on the part of EC leadership. 

Is that really the issue?  How many of the EC people did you approach and talk 
to?   There were more than 700 people at APNIC/Apricot so probably not that 
easy for the limited EC people to talk to everyone.   Especially with various 
events/meetings going on.

To me this sounds like a bit of sour political grapes over the outcome of the 
EC elections dressed up as an issue for developing nations to make it sounds 
real and not  some attempts at political manoeuvring to try and rig the system 
for next time.

Speaking for himself.
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