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Re: [apnic-talk] Community Statement to ITU

Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] Community Statement to ITU
From: Sam Dickinson
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 09:26:10 +1000
Hi Sumon

Thanks for picking that up. As you may have noticed in the disclaimer at 
the top of transcript, due to the difficulties capturing a live 
speaker's words, the transcript may contain errors and mistranslations.

Now the meeting has finished, the Secretariat is working through the 
transcripts to pick up and correct as many errors as we can. Please 
check back for the corrected transcript in the next few days.


On 8/3/10 6:28 PM, Sumon Ahmed Sabir wrote:
> Hi,
> Actually I was going through the transcript on ITU session and found
> that what I have commented is wrongly represented in the transcript.
> Probably I talk too fast or my pronunciation is  not very clear to 
> every one.
> What is written there is:
> *--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> SUMON SHABIR AHMED:* I'm from a developing country, Bangladesh. We are
> getting resolution for APNIC and so far we are finding it very difficult
> to get IPv4 addresses. But I think ITU can really play a role here, that
> is that regulators in the developing countries, especially Bangladesh
> and Pakistan, they're coming from the incumbent telcos and they have a
> very good relationship with ITU definitely. And if any guy from ITU
> comes, who you all identified, but if we find APNIC people or even ICANN
> people in Bangladesh, we couldn't get the regulators to bring them here.
> Two years back, the regulators have been talking about APNIC, they say
> what is it? But everyone knows ITU. ITU definitely has a huge impact on
> the regulators.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> But what I have tried to mean is that, We are getting IPv4 and IPv6
> allocation from APNIC without any difficulties and have no issues so
> far. But Our govt. like other governments in the developing region does
> not have any clear ideas about the role of RIRs but have a very good
> relation with ITU.  So  instead  of becoming an RIR, ITU can help to
> bridge the gap between the GOVT. and RIRs.
> Thanks,
> Sumon
> Lindqvist Kurt Erik wrote:
>> On 4 mar 2010, at 03.11, Sam Dickinson wrote:
>>> The transcripts and video of the session are up now at:
>>>    http://meetings.apnic.net/29/program/consultation
>>> I hope this helps.
>> Yes thanks! I found it minutes later on the ARIN list :-)
>> Best regards,
>> - kurtis -
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