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Re: [apnic-talk] Community Statement to ITU

Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] Community Statement to ITU
From: <>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 15:10:10 +0900
Dear Terry and all,

# Sorry strange reply style, but my mail client has some problem,
   so let me just copy and paste

I'm Masato YAMANISHI and was a chair of the session.

>> 3.     We ask the ITU's IPv6 Group follow the example of the Internet 
>> community and the IGF process
>> and make its documents and records available publicly, so that all Internet 
>> stakeholders can participate
>> in deliberations which could have global ramifications. We ask ITU Member 
>> States and Sector Members
>> to recall the Tunis Agenda’s call for a multi-stakeholder approach to 
>> Internet governance and call on the
>> ITU to support the current multi-stakeholder system of address management.
> I've been thinking about a "4." But will leave it for your consideration. 
> Much of this seems to originate with
> ITU member states not understanding that they can join and participate in the 
> discussions/process,
> or simply that their adopted governance culture promotes a 
> invitation/attendance policy.
> Perhaps a further explicit invitation via the ITU to all ITU member 
> states/bodies to attend the upcoming
> and listed various RIR meetings, since it seems I (as an average Joe) can't 
> walk into the upcoming ITU
> IPv6 meeting. Dare I suggest paper style invitations or direct invites.
> After all we are inclusive.

Since this statement was already reached consensus in the session,
so I think it' not so good idea to add one more item in this stage.
Instead, I suggest to you writing your submission and send it to [email protected]
Now we are trying to refer from APNIC web to each submission, we can also
refer your submission if you will made.


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