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Re: [apnic-talk] Application for India NIR - Call for Comments

Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] Application for India NIR - Call for Comments
From: "G P Singh"
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 16:33:45 +0530 IST
The comment is remarkable

"by members", "for member" and "to members".

India is a Democratic country.
There are two principles that any definition of democracy includes,
equality and freedom.
These principles are reflected by all citizens being equal before the LAW,
better representation and more freedoms for their citizens and having
equal access to power.

As NIXI membership is open to all. There membership increase as more ISPs
join for IP Address Resources.

One gets Neutrality by its voting power.

There are number of specified criteria for creating an NIR. The Indian
application meets those criteria And its application should be cleared so
that NIR can start functioning in India.

ICANN guidelines are followed by APNIC and would be followed by India NIR
as followed by all existing NIRs in other countries. The Internet
resources are global resources that is to be maintained as per global

We are trying to do the same thing which other NIR are doing.SIMPLE

We as part of Indian Internet Community also trying to represent those
smaller ISP who are not the member of APNIC and don?t receive the mail
form [email protected]
The Smaller ISPa are unable to go to APNIC directly as the lowest fee is
higher than they can afford.

Regional Local language, limited resources, price sensitivity are some
issues faced by the Indian Internet community members.
i.e why NIR is proposed and getting positive response from Indian Internet
community members. Its better to start functioning of the NIR and see the
out comes.

Allow all to grow.


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