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Re: [apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] Application for India NIR - Call for C

Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] Application for India NIR - Call for Comments
From: Sanjaya
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 12:22:33 +1000
Hi Skeeve,

Thanks for your feedback!

The objective of the APNIC EC's Call for Comment is not to begin a
collective financial analysis of the proposal. Rather, the EC wants to
find out whether the APNIC community is comfortable with the formation
of an NIR for India, or whether they are aware of risks or further
considerations the EC should investigate as part of its evaluation process.

If there are concerns related to the financial impact that such an NIR
may have on the fees of direct APNIC members, these concerns of course
should be noted. Equally, if members think such national entities should
be recognized where there is clear local community support, this should
also be expressed.

The intent of the Call for Comment was to allow members and stakeholders
a chance to express their concerns and thoughts on the matter and the EC
would certainly appreciate any comments you may care to make.


Skeeve Stevens wrote:
> Umm... It's a good thing?
> I've not seen any public comments on this... Is there any opinions out there 
> on whether the NIR for India is a good/bad idea?
> Can we have some commentary from APNIC on the impact of this change will have 
> on revenue (clearly initially none as members would have to cease being APNIC 
> members and become INNIC members - I assume?).
> But if they did all become INNIC members, what would the impact on APNIC be?  
> Not that this is a reason to put forward a negative position, but I am just 
> wondering.
> ...Skeeve
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>> To: APNIC Announce
>> Subject: [Apnic-announce] Application for India NIR - Call for Comments
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>> Application for India NIR - Call for Comments
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>> The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has lodged an
>> application
>> for recognition as a National Internet Registry (NIR). If recognized as
>> an NIR, NIXI would be able to offer IP (Internet Protocol) address
>> allocation and other APNIC services at a national level in India.
>> In the interests of openness and transparency, the APNIC Executive
>> Council (EC) requests public review of the NIXI application and has
>> issued a Call for Comments to gauge community support.
>> The EC will accept public or confidential comments until Monday, 30
>> November 2009 at 17:30 (UTC+10 - Brisbane time).
>> Confidential comments may be:
>>  - Emailed to the Executive Secretary of the EC at [email protected]
>>  - Submitted using the web form at http://www.apnic.net/NIR_Comments
>> Comments may also be made publicly and discussed on the "apnic-talk"
>> mailing list. More information on the list is available at:
>>    http://www.apnic.net/mailing-lists
>> The APNIC EC is responsible for evaluating and approving the
>> application, but before the EC can do so, it must be satisfied that
>> meets the "Criteria for the recognition of NIRs in the APNIC region",
>> as
>> set out in the policy available at:
>>    http://www.apnic.net/policy/nir-criteria
>> These criteria require NIXI to:
>>  - Demonstrate formal endorsement at the national level by the
>>    appropriate government body
>>  - Be an independent legal entity with a non-profit structure
>>  - Demonstrate a stable funding model
>>  - Demonstrate it holds a neutral position
>>  - Have the organizational and technical capacity to implement
>>    APNIC address management policies
>> For more information, see:
>>    http://www.apnic.net/nir
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