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Re: [apnic-talk] Reflection on APNIC28 in Beijing

Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] Reflection on APNIC28 in Beijing
From: Terry Manderson
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 17:01:07 +1000
Hi German,

Thanks for responding.

On 02/09/2009, at 10:25 PM, German Valdez wrote:
> Thanks for your comments. We are currently reviewing APNIC's  
> activities for 2010 based on budget predictions and the priorities  
> identified through the most recent stakeholder survey and additional  
> community feedback received since then.

While I see that APNIC has a challenging time ahead in budgeting, I  
went off to review the results from the 2009 survey (better to see if  
something like policy hubs are actually required in reality apart from  
just one or two who may think it a 'good idea') and headed straight to  
the comments. I often feel comments are more insightful to the varied  
(and sometimes) subjective interpretations of 1-10 scale answers. I  
focused mainly on the questions relating to the policy development  
process etc. It appears that some of the comments in the report are,  
or have been truncated.

  page 34 of 205, some stake-holders made comments but it appears that  
they end abruptly.

"What are the conditions that a sig chair accepts a policy? What is  
consensus? and how can
consensus be reached in a room? the consensus process should be moved  
to the mailing
list _only_ and a policy lifecycle created. The meeting should be a  
place for as"


"It has become more effective since Randy took over the chairmanship  
of the Policy SIG. I
think the process is only as efficient as the people running it and  
tit needs to be actively
managed by someone committed to helping the participants understand  


"The one thing that always bothers me about RIR (all of them, based on  
my limited
exposure in other areas) is the relatively small number of people that  
are effectively
driving the whole process.  There seems to be only one or two dozen  
'regulars' that rea"

Can this be rectified?

> Looking forward to meet you in another APNIC meeting in 2010.


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