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[apnic-talk] Request for participation - Arbor 2009 Infrastructure Secur

Subject: [apnic-talk] Request for participation - Arbor 2009 Infrastructure Security Report.
From: Roland Dobbins
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 23:06:37 +0700
We're in the process of collecting feedback for the 2009
Infrastructure Security Report; this is the Fifth Edition of the
report, and would really be grateful for some responses from APNIC
members in order to ensure more complete regional representation in  
the report.

The 2009 Infrastructure Security Survey is up and available for
input.  You can register to complete the survey at this URL:


We've again added many questions this time from past participants
of the survey, this should be evidenced throughout.  Feedback
collection will end as soon as we've reached the desired number
of respondents (ideally, 80+).

We hope to make the results available by November 2009 at the
latest.  Also, please recall that NO personally- (or organizationally-)
identifiable information will be shared in any manner.

The 2008 edition of the survey is available here:


Or on the Arbor web site (reg required):


Thanks in advance for your participation!

Roland Dobbins <[email protected]> // <http://www.arbornetworks.com>

Sorry, sometimes I mistake your existential crises for technical

                        -- xkcd #625

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