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Re: [apnic-talk] Calculating new APNIC fees

Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] Calculating new APNIC fees
From: Andy Linton
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 13:44:26 +1200
Sanjaya wrote:
> Nice work, Gaurab!
> APNIC members can also use MyAPNIC to calculate their fees. There is a 
> new link under the Administration section called 'Annual membership 
> calculator' (only shown if the user has administration/billing privileges).
> It shows the member's calculated fees based on the current resource 
> holding, and allows a 'what if' resource addition/substraction to see 
> how it will affect the fees.

It might be useful to have something similar on 
to show prospective members what the new costs will be. In a number of 
cases the difference is significant. For example, someone with:

a /22 of IPv4 and a /32 of IPv6 changes from $3169 to $1994
a /19 of IPv4 and a /32 of IPv6 changes from $3169 to $4381

At the university I work at we've gone from being a holder of an IPv4 
/16 under the "Historical Allocation" provisions to being a full member 
so we could get an IPv6 /32.

That saw our bill rise from $100 to $6338 this year as a Medium tier 
member and rising again under the new prices to $9625 next year. It's 
been hard to persuade the management that this is a good thing!

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