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[apnic-talk] APRICOT programme committee - call for volunteers

Subject: [apnic-talk] APRICOT programme committee - call for volunteers
From: Philip Smith
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 15:07:06 +1000
APRICOT Programme Committee

The APRICOT Programme Committee is responsible for the solicitation
and selection of suitable presentation and tutorial content for the
annual APRICOT conference (www.apricot.net).

A new APRICOT PC is selected every year.  For APRICOT 2010 and future
events, the APIA Board will be responsible for the selection of the
PC.  To that end, the Board is now seeking nominations.

Eligible candidates are those who have attended APRICOT in the recent
past, have broad technical knowledge of Internet operations, and have
some reasonable familiarity with the format of APRICOT meetings.
Having constructive opinions and ideas about how the programme for
APRICOT might be improved is of high value too.  PC members are
expected to either work actively to solicit content for APRICOT, or
review submissions, or preferably both.  The PC meets by conference
call, weekly in frequency during December and January, in the run up

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else, please
send a brief note to [email protected]  The note should include the
nominee's contact details (including e-mail address), and a brief
description of why (in your opinion) the nominee would be a good
addition to the PC.

The APIA Board will accept nominations received by Friday 21st August
2009, and will announce the new PC by Monday 31st August.

Many thanks!

Philip Smith & Jonny Martin
(for the APIA Board)
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