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[apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] Apply for your ISIF ICT grant online

Subject: [apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] Apply for your ISIF ICT grant online
From: Srinivas Chendi
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 16:26:37 +1000
Apply for your ISIF ICT grant online

[Brisbane, Australia - August 4th]

With the successful launch of The Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF), 
many developing economies in the Asia Pacific region are expecting to benefit 
from grants funding later in 2008. ISIF has been widely praised for helping ICT 
development projects in Asia Pacific developing economies. This will now be 
further enhanced with the ability to apply online for ISIF grants.

APNIC'S Paul Wilson is "pleased with the positive response we have received 
from the community so far and are happy to notify potential applicants that 
grant applications may now be lodged directly on our website using an online 
form. Most importantly, we look forward to seeing the grants come to fruition."

ISIF is a joint initiative between the Canadian International Development 
Research Centre (IDRC), the Internet Society (ISOC), and the Asia Pacific 
Network Information Centre (APNIC), aimed at stimulating creative solutions to 
ICT development needs in the Asia Pacific region.

ISIF provides grants of up to US$30,000 per project to help advance local and 
regional projects aimed at introducing, improving, and applying Internet and 
other digital communications technologies for the benefit of Asia-Pacific users 
and communities.

Project proposals from Asia-Pacific based public or private sector 
organisations, university or research and development institutions, and 
non-government organisations will be considered. Applications must be aligned 
with ISIF program objectives, selection criteria and administrative guidelines. 
Individuals are not eligible for grants.

The ISIF grant round for 2008 is now open and applications are due 1 September 
2008. A total of US$375,000 is available for grants in 2008. Grants are to be 
made on a competitive basis and successful applicants will be required to make 
project details, outcomes and findings publicly available.

Complete information on the program and how to apply is available on the ISIF 
website at http://www.isif.asia

The online application for the grant can be accessed directly from 

ISIF is proudly sponsored by the DotAsia Organisation, the registry operator 
for the .ASIA top level domain.

For more information:

Sylvia Cadena | ISIF Program Officer | [email protected] | http://www.isif.asia

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