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[apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] APNIC portable assignment ranges

Subject: [apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] APNIC portable assignment ranges
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 15:10:46 +1000
Dear colleagues

The information in this announcement is to enable the Internet 
community to update network configurations, such as routing 
filters, where required.

Due to recent policy changes for new IPv6 assignments, APNIC
has altered the IPv6 ranges used to make different types of
portable assignments. All portable assignments are made from
2001:0C00:/23 and the minimum assignment size is /48. For
further details please see below:

2001:0DC0::/27 is used for Critical Infrastructure assignments.

2001:0DE8::/29 is used for Internet Exchange Point (IXP) assignments.

2001:0DF0::/29 is used for portable assignments.

2001:0DF8::/29 is used for temporary assignments.

Note: Before January 2007, /64 or /48 assignments to Internet
Exchange Points (IXPs) were made from 2001:07FA::/32. New IXP
assignments are now made from 2001:0DE8::/29.

More information can be found at our website:


Kind regards
Guangliang Pan                   email:       [email protected]
Resources Services Manager       sip:    [email protected]
APNIC                            phone:          +61 7 3858 3188
http://www.apnic.net/            fax:            +61 7 3858 3199
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