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[apnic-talk] APRICOT 2007 CfP closes today

Subject: [apnic-talk] APRICOT 2007 CfP closes today
From: Philip Smith
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 09:16:15 +1000
(apologies for duplicates)

Hi everyone,

Just a last reminder that the call for presentations for APRICOT 2007
closes today.

Thanks to the many people who have already offered presentations or
tutorials! The Programme Committee will be analysing the proposals in
the next few weeks.

For anyone else, if you have not already submitted your proposed
presentation or tutorial (preferably with draft or outline slides), you
have only a few hours left!

Please submit your presentation proposals at http://submission.apricot.net.

More information about APRICOT 2007, being held in Bali at the end of
February 2007 can be had on the APRICOT 2007 website: www.2007.apricot.net.


APRICOT Management Committee Chair
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