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[apnic-talk] Re: ARIN to allocate from 2620:0000:/23

Subject: [apnic-talk] Re: ARIN to allocate from 2620:0000:/23
From: Jeroen Massar
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 00:24:16 +0200
Leslie Nobile wrote:

This announcement is being sent to multiple lists. Apologies for any
For future announcements, please also include:
As that is the list where the IPv6 Operators, that is actual people with enable/administrative privs+allowance are reading their mail.
On another note, as previously folks have also mentioned to IANA doing
announcements, please, if possible, sign them with PGP.
For informational purposes, a list of ARIN's currently administered IP
blocks can be found at:

Very useful to have that in a single page.

ARIN allocations are still on the low side though, when simply looking at:

or: http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/dfp/
               All   Vis
    * RIPE    (643 / 340)
    * APNIC   (286 / 149)
    * ARIN    (271 /  99)
    * LACNIC  ( 69 /  24)
    * AFRINIC ( 21 /   6)

Maybe with this policy the uptake will become higher. Lets see what happens.


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