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RE: [apnic-talk] Help required: Unable to Ping Global Ipv6 addressfrom

Subject: RE: [apnic-talk] Help required: Unable to Ping Global Ipv6 addressfrom different host
From: "somashekar"
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 15:24:26 +0530
Thanks for identifying and rectifying my problem.
As suggested I removed the line IPV6ADDR=fe80::208:74ff:fe2e:4154 from
ifcfg-eth0 file.
I am using Dibbler for DHCPv6 Server and Clients.

The Dibbler client.conf file does not contain anything.

The server.conf file contains the following log-level 7 log-mode short

iface eth0 {

# clients should renew every half an hour
 T1 1800
 T2 2000
 prefered-lifetime 3600
 valid-lifetime 7200
 class {
   pool 2000::1-2000::ff

 option dns-server ::1
 option domain celstream1.com


I changed the class pool for a different range of addresses. But still I
am getting the /128 global Ipv6 addresses.
Please let me know about the way of getting the /64 global IPv6
addresses, when I run the Dibbler DHCPv6.


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Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] Help required: Unable to Ping Global Ipv6
addressfrom different host

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 14:38 +0530, somashekar wrote:

> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
> DEVICE=eth0
> ONBOOT=yes
> TYPE=Ethernet
> IPV6INIT=yes
> DHCP6C=yes
> IPV6ADDR=fe80::208:74ff:fe2e:4154

You should never have to specify a link local address, it is
automatically generated from EUI-64.

> Using dibbler-0.4.1-linux.tar for DHCP Ipv6 server and client
> I got the Global inet6 addr which is 2000::bd

You get 2000::bd/128, which is where the problem lies.
Next to that 2000::/bd is a valid global unicast address and is most
likely not assigned to you. If you want a test address range either use
the documentation prefix (2001:db8::/32) or better use "Unique Local
Unicast" as per RFC4193 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4193.txt)

> [[email protected] ~]# ifconfig
>           inet6 addr: 2000::bd/128 Scope:Global

This is only 1 single IP address and it doesn't 'know' where the other
IP address is.

Make it 2001:db8::bd/64 and it will work as then the other address
(2001:db8::7f/64) is in the same prefix and then there is a route
between the two IP addresses.

Other way around is to do:
ip -6 ro add 2000::7f/128 dev eth0
on the 2000::bd/128 box, and:
ip -6 ro add 2000::bd/128 dev eth0
on the 2000::7f/128 box

But that is quite nasty. Use use /64's per link as it is supposed to be


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