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[apnic-talk] Computerworld: How Things Will Change Under IPv6

Subject: [apnic-talk] Computerworld: How Things Will Change Under IPv6
From: Jeff Williams
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 07:58:36 -0800

Given the already well known problems and security holes in IPv6
this article scares the heck our of me.  It should all of you as well.

Massive writes "IPv6 Forum leader Latif Ladid provides an insight
into the workings of IPv6. He also talks about how peer-to-peer file
serving as we know it today will be redundant with the newer protocol."
>From the article: "Q: What is the most significant benefit that IPv6
offers the world? A: Global connectivity. Currently we have less than 50

percent world-wide Internet penetration, and we have used most of the
address space. If you look at the Western world, we have more than 50
percent penetration. In total we have close to a billion people
to the Internet. So it is a false perception that we have full Internet
penetration. We have six billion people on the planet. When the Internet

protocol was designed back in 1980 there were 4.3 billion address
it was already insufficient for the population. By 2050 we will be
10 billion people. But there are not only people. There are things.
Billions and billions of devices that will service these people."



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