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[apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] APNIC 20 - Final call for proposals

Subject: [apnic-talk] [Apnic-announce] APNIC 20 - Final call for proposals
From: APNIC Secretariat
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 09:41:34 +1000
[Apologies for duplicates]


Final call for proposals

20th APNIC Open Policy Meeting
6 - 9 September 2005
Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear colleagues,

The deadline for proposals to be discussed in the Special Interest Groups
(SIGs) at APNIC 20 is now only three weeks away.

Proposals are welcome from anyone interested in the management of Internet
resources in the Asia Pacific region and must be submitted by 10 August

SIG presentation types

a) Informational (I) - typically a status report delivered to convey
   information to the audience (requests to make an informational
   presentation can be made to the SIG chair at any time but preferably
   a minimum of 2 weeks before the meeting).

b) Policy proposal (P) - a proposal which requires feedback and
   community consensus before it can proceed.

Please mark your submission as either "I" or "P". Policy proposals (P) must be submitted by 10 August 2005 to be considered for consensus decisions at
the APNIC 20 Open Policy Meeting.

Policy proposal (P) requirements

Submissions should be:

- in TEXT format
- received no later than 10 August 2005
- relevant to the SIG

More information

The SIG archive and a list of guidelines for presenters can be found at:


SIG Chairs

    * Policy SIG            <[email protected]>
    * Database SIG          <[email protected]>
    * DNS operations SIG    <[email protected]>
    * IPv6 technical SIG    <[email protected]>
    * IX SIG                <[email protected]>
    * NIR SIG               <[email protected]>
    * Routing SIG           <[email protected]>

Please send your proposal to the appropriate SIG chair, cc'ing
<[email protected]>, NO LATER THAN 10 August 2005.

APNIC Secretariat                              <[email protected]>
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)   Tel: +61-7-3858-3100
PO Box 2131 Milton, QLD 4064 Australia            Fax: +61-7-3858-3199
See you at APNIC 20
Hanoi, Vietnam, 06 - 09 September 2005          www.apnic.net/meetings

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