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[apnic-talk] APNIC IX SIG Call for Presentations

Subject: [apnic-talk] APNIC IX SIG Call for Presentations
From: Philip Smith
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 12:19:07 +1000
[Apologies for duplicate posts]


APNIC 20 - IX SIG Call for proposals

  20th APNIC Open Policy Meeting
  06 - 09 September 2005
  Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear Colleagues,

The next IX Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting will be held in
Hanoi, Vietnam during APNIC's 20th Open Policy Meeting. This SIG is an
open forum discuss Internet Exchange Point technical and operational
issues the Asia Pacific region. The SIG is currently planned to have
two 90 minute sessions on Thursday 8th September, from 2pm to 5:30pm.

This e-mail is a request for contributions. We are looking for
presentations of relevance from anyone who is interested in Internet
Exchange issues issues in the Asia Pacific region.

Topics we might want to explore might include, but are not limited to
 - IX status reports
 - IX equipment wish-lists
 - Best configuration practices for IXPs
 - IX peering policies
 - IX security


There are two types of presentations that can be made at any SIG.
These are policy proposals (P) or informational (I) presentations.

Requests to give an informational presentation can be made at any time
directly to <[email protected]>, but we would prefer if you did
so by 10th August 2005 to help us plan the agenda. Or if there is a
relevant topic you'd like to hear more about, please let us know the
topic and/or the presenter's name so we can follow up.

Policy proposals need to be submitted to the IX SIG mailing list in
TEXT format 4 weeks in advance of the meeting. If you would like to make
a policy proposal to the IX SIG at the meeting in Hanoi, please do so by
10th August 2005, using the on-line form at:


Alternatively you can send your proposal in TEXT format to
<[email protected]>, cc'ing <[email protected]>. Proposals will be
forwarded to the IX SIG mailing list by the Secretariat.

Requirements for Policy proposals

Submissions should be:

- in TEXT format
- received no later than 10th August 2005
- relevant to the SIG

SIG archives and guidelines for presenters, including useful
information helpful hints, and sample presentation templates
are available at:


Agenda slots will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis, so a
timely submission of your proposal would be welcome and to your

See you in Hanoi!

Philip Smith and Che-Hoo Cheng

See you at APNIC 20
Hanoi, Vietnam, 06 - 09 September 2005          www.apnic.net/meetings
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