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[apnic-talk] next APNIC Routing SIG meeting

Subject: [apnic-talk] next APNIC Routing SIG meeting
From: Philip Smith
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 14:37:01 +1000
Hi everyone,

Ok, it's only been a week since I sent the Routing SIG call out, and
Randy and I are so far deafened by the silence in response. ;-)

I know, APNIC 20 is still a long time away, and we all have more
important things to worry about at the moment. Which is fine, completely

But, please take a moment to think what you would like to hear about in
Hanoi in September. Maybe you saw a presentation on-line somewhere, or a
talk given at some conference in another part of the world and you think
it might be interesting for folks here. Well, if that's the case, drop
us an e-mail, we'll find out who the presenter is, and see if they can
come and grace the Routing SIG with their presence. Or if you would like
to hear more about a particular relevant pet topic, again, let us know,
and we'll find a presenter.

Because we'd really love to know what you want to hear about, not put
together an agenda that we think you want to hear about. The former is
likely to be a lot more interesting than the latter.

Thanks for any input, suggestions, or thoughts!

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