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From: APNIC Secretariat
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 17:01:58 +1000
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Subject:        [SANOG-PROCOM] SANOG VI Program and Fellowship Annoucement
Date:   Mon, 21 Mar 2005 22:02:14 +0545
From:   Gaurab Raj Upadhaya <[email protected]>
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16-23 July, 2005
Thimphu, Bhutan

SANOG VI Program and Fellowship Announcement

SANOG VI  program and agenda are now published on
http://www.sanog.org/sanog6/. SANOG VI is being held in Thimphu,
Bhutan from 16-23 July, 2005. You can refer to
www.sanog.org/sanog6/ for details.

Program and Agenda:

SANOG VI program incorporates the following

Three hands-on workshops:  16-20 July, 2005

-       IP Services Workshop
-       ISP Routing and BGP Multihoming Workshop
-       ISP and NSP Security Workshop,

Tutorials 21-22, July 2005

-       BGP and High Availability Routing Workshop by Juniper
-       VOIP and SIP Deployment
-       ISP and Network Security
-       IP Networks and Wireless Architecture
-       Netflow / Flowtools
-       DNS and DNSSec deployment

Birds-of-a-Feather : 22 July, 2005
-       Regional Updates BoF
-       APNIC BoF

Full Day Conference Program : 23 July, 2005
-       Routing and Internet Operations
-       Network Architecture and
-       Application Deployment

Additional Programs: (21-23 July, 2005)

-       APNIC Regional policy update
-       APNIC hostmaster Consultation

SANOG VI Fellowship Annoucement

SANOG VI is also pleased to annouce the fellowship program with
support of the Internet Society and Network Startup Resource Center
(NSRC). SANOG VI fellows will received a maximum of USD 500
towards air fare and local accomodation during the event. You can
find more information about the fellowship program from the SANOG
Fellowship Site at http://www.sanog.org/fellowship/

SANOG VI Call for Papers

SANOG VI Call for papers for the conference is available online at

Everyone is Welcome.

We expect a huge turn out from the region at this SANOG meeting
owing to the popularity at previous meets. With more involvement of
APNIC in the content of overall program,  We hope you would be able
to make it to this meeting.

The meeting is open to everyone from the operational community, and
thus anyone who wants to find out more about Internet operations in
South Asia is welcome.

You can register for SANOG by sending in the form available at
www.sanog.org/sanog6/ or using the online registration system.
Registrations  from inside Bhutan can be paid by cheques.


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