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Subject: [apnic-talk] Re: [Ecommerce] More on wealthy nations and harmonisation meeting in DC
From: Jeff Williams
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 00:04:16 -0800
Manon and all,

  I and many of our members had reached the same conclusion that
Mr. Kirk and others from wealthy countries are finally coming
around to, over 3 years ago.  WIPO and many other UN based
organizations have been marginalized or relatively if not nearly
totally ineffectual for nearly a decade.  ICANN's UDRP tanks
to folks like Esther Dyson and Mike Roberts, was one example
of WIPO's and the UN's  inane and ineffectual methods and
processes as ICANN itself has been...

Manon Ress wrote:

> See story at:
> http://www.ip-watch.org/weblog/index.php?p=18&res=1024_ff&print=0
> 12/2/2005
> Wealthy Nations Move Ahead With Patent Harmonisation
> by William New @ 4:03 am
> Washington, D.C.?The nations responsible for the majority of the world?s
> patent filings have agreed to move ahead with private negotiations to
> iron out differences in their patent regimes. The talks will take place
> outside the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organisation, where
> negotiations by the full body on patent harmonisation are stalled.
> The effort led by the United States to move the debate outside WIPO has
> raised alarm for some developing nations who fear the meetings are
> intended to pressure them and WIPO to trim development objectives from
> the negotiations.
> But participants afterward sought to put a positive spin on the meeting,
> downplaying suggestions that it represented a threat to developing
> countries and WIPO, and arguing that it would ultimately contribute to
> the WIPO process. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which
> organised and hosted the meeting in Washington last Thursday and Friday,
> directly countered the suggestion of a threat.
> Mike Kirk, executive director of the American Intellectual Property Law
> Association (AIPLA), said in an interview, ?If WIPO does not find some
> way to move forward, they?re going to be marginalised.? A former U.S.
> official and ?long-time supporter of WIPO,? he added, ?The WIPO process
> has been stalemated and has come to a screeching halt because of
> developing countries throwing sand in the gears.?
> ?We are coming to a situation ? in the coming years ? where WIPO is
> going to have to confront whether it can continue to be an effective
> institution,? Kirk said. ?If not, I expect we will see an effort to work
> in parallel or totally outside? the organisation.
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