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Miscosoftware Released Deva xFTP Ver 7.0 Build 2200 in May 14, 2009

Subject: Miscosoftware Released Deva xFTP Ver 7.0 Build 2200 in May 14, 2009
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 10:02:21 -0700 PDT
Newsgroups: alt.comp.shareware.programmer
May 14, 2009, Miscosoftware announces the release of Deva xFTP ver 7.0
Build 2200, a Windows-based FTP Client Software that integrated
Certificate Authority(CA), Web Link Checker, Sitemap Generator, HTML
Online Editor and HTML/xHTML Validator webmaster tools.

Webmasters transfer files between local machine and remote server
frequently. Perhaps test the links in web pages, check the orphan
files in site directory, building Sitemaps when the Web site updated,
and validate the HTML/xHTML grammar conforming to the official rules.
These works are time-consuming and need a lot of tools to do this.

Deva xFTP offers a integrated solution for webmasters to managing the
Websites on the internet. It integrated faster File Transfer Engine,
CA, Link Checking, Orphan files Checking, Sitemap Generating, HTML
Online Editor, HTML/xHTML Validator and a series of folder tools into
one main program - Deva xFTP. With these wide array of easy-to-use
tools, Deva xFTP simplifies the site management.

Deva xFTP's main File Transfer Engine supports more file transfer
protocols, includes: standard FTP, FTPS over TLS/SSL implicit port
990, FTPS over SSL explicit through AUTH FTP extension, FTPS over TLS/
SSL explicit through AUTH FTP extension, SFTP using SSH2(Secure
Shell), standard HTTP and HTTPS Transfer protocols.

In version 7.0, Deva xFTP redesigned the Transfer Engine and supplied
more improved features, such as high performance and better stability.
In this release, Deva xFTP also integrated a built-in HTML editor.
Users can edit HTML and other ASCII (text) based documents in Deva
xFTP. It was added primarily for remote file editing. This enables
Webmasters and users select a document on the remote site, load it in
the editor, make quick changes, and then save the document back to the
remote location.

Additionally, Deva xFTP makes some minor update on the program, such
as Improved Shell Extension feature, added Watching Internet Explorer
click events feature, etc.

Deva xFTP uses modern Graphical User Interface (GUI), like Office
2007. This makes it a perfect tool for both new and experienced users.
It supports skins replacing feature, which allows users to customize
many modern Office 2007 style User Interfaces.

Deva xFTP is the right choice for site management. It is both
affordable to everyone and a real value.

System Requirements
Deva xFTP will run under Windows 98, Me, NT4, win2000, winXP and
win2003 on an Intel-based 486 PC or greater. The program requires 40
MB of RAM and 8MB of disk space.

Price and Availability
Deva xFTP ver7.0 is available now. The price is $59.95USD. A trial
version is available from the Miscosoftware website at:


Full Version Evaluation
Should you need a full version for review, please contact us at:
[email protected]

Evaluation Copy Download

Screen shot

Miscosoftware based in Tianjin, China, produces high-quality and
innovative software products for the Windows operating system.

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