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NewsMaestro Usenet Supertool v. 4.4.8 for Windows/Linux/Unix released

Subject: NewsMaestro Usenet Supertool v. 4.4.8 for Windows/Linux/Unix released
From: Betty
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 18:32:21 GMT
Newsgroups: alt. .uk, , alt.comp.shareware.programmer,,
Download page:

(Hit Free button to download. For some download managers
you need to open the .html file it downloaded to do actual download.)

* Documentation update.
* Bug fix in Archive 2 HTML generator while doing ReChapter.

News Maestro is a power tool for usenet that automatically
performs any standard Usenet operation, as specified in
various RFCs, individually, or in bulk, on any number of
groups and articles, utilizing sophisticated filters to
select the articles to be processed.

As an automated tool to do anything you can imagine,
there is nothing even remotely close to it in terms of power,
flexibility, configurability, reliability, robustness,
multi-purpouseness, user friendliness and ease of use.

As a research and educational tool, it is unmatched
by anything out there. The precision with which the
information can be extracted, reduces the noise in
the information stream by orders of magnitude.
The same applies to precision of re-posting the
important information from your existing archives.

With the most complete help system, you can be up and
running within minutes. Just don't rush to push that
Do It button or Run Job. Wait till it sinks in.

Archive to HTML/XML converter
You can convert the usenet archives to nice looking
web pages, using style sheets, background image, etc.,
and use your favorite web browser to view them.

You can navigate those pages using the navigation buttons.
Filters can be applied to select the candidate articles.
This is a very powerful feature for educational and
research purposes.

You can also automatically generate the complete web sites,
containing articles on any desired topic, selected from any
of your archives using filters.

Job module is used to perform a number of different operations
automatically. Each task can perform any desired operation,
such as download, post, etc. Once some task is finished, the next
task on the job list starts up automatically.

Jobs can be automatically rerun after a specified interval.
All you have to do is to specify an interval in minutes when
this job is to be rerun, and hit the Run Job button.
It will keep rerunning that job until you stop it manually.

Job lists allow you to run any number of jobs periodically.
Each job on a job list can have its own parameters, such as
periodicity with which this job is to be executed.

Super Filters
Articles for download/post or any other operations could be
selected using powerful filters. You can filter on any required
header and/or article body specifying multiple search parameters
and keyword phrases.

Article archives:
You can save the articles you download from usenet to any number
of archive files. Later on, selected articles from any archive
could be re-posted using filters to select which ones.

You can eliminate duplicate articles from your archives, sort
them, apply filters to create new archives, and repair them

Archives could be used as reference material and articles
could be extracted and used in any operation using filters.

Archives could be viewed with a regular newsreader.

Template Generation
Templates can be used in the same way as in ordinary letterheads.

The articles or any text file are scanned and all the words,
found in your dictionary, are replaced with symbols,
corresponding to appropriate linguistic category, such as noun,
verb, etc.

These templates can then be converted back into text and the
original verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc. will be replaced with
regular words, belonging to the same category, selected from
a specified dictionary in a random fasion.

Multiple configurations:
You can create any number of different configuration files to
store all the parameters to carry out any operation.

Next time you run the program, you simply select one of
your configurations and click on Do It button to start it.
Simple as that. Just a few mouse clicks and you are running
the most complex operation imaginable.

And much, much more...

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Israel honors its founding terrorists on its postage stamps,
like 1978's stamp honoring Abraham Stern
[Scott Standard Postage Stamp  Catalogue #692],

and 1991's stamps honoring Lehi (also called "The Stern Gang",
led at one time by future Prime Minister Begin)

and  Etzel (also called "The Irgun", led at one time by future
Prime Minister Shamir) [Scott #1099, 1100].

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This is just a reminder.
It is not an emergency yet.
Were it actual emergency, you wouldn't be able to read this.
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