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Bluetooth Framework to enable quick creation of wireless communications

Subject: Bluetooth Framework to enable quick creation of wireless communications applications
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 11:39:22 -0700
Newsgroups: alt.comp.shareware.programmer
For immediate release

June, 20 2007
Contact: Mike Petrichenko
Company: Soft Service Company
E-mail: [email protected]

Bluetooth  Framework to enable quick creation of wireless
communications applications

Soft Service Company - a key developer of wireless communications
software - launched Bluetooth  Framework - a VCL and ActiveX
components library which allows software developers to add Bluetooth ,
IrDA , Serial and ActiveSync  support into their applications.
The feature-rich Bluetooth  Framework enables software developers to
save up 70% of their working time and create applications mobile
devices in the shortest possible time. The saved time can be spent on
the development of a user-friendly interface.

As a Bluetooth  SIG member, Soft Service Company offers its clients
such advantages as latest information about license changes, high-
quality technical support and software updates.
Key competitive advantages of Bluetooth  Framework include support for
the majority of Bluetooth  drivers (BlueSoleil , Microsoft , Toshiba ,
WidComm /BroadComm ), support for IrDA  and ActiveSync  ports and a
number of unique technologies which are to be patented: SilenAuthTM,
MultiAPIsTM and SmartDetectTM.

With SilentAuthTM authentication requests via PIN from Bluetooth -
enabled devices are handled without any user actions on PC side. In
other words, your application users will never have to carry out the
tedious procedure of entering PIN while trying to register their
devices. SmartDetectTM technology, implemented in Bluetooth 
Framework, automatically determines the best way to connect a cell
phone to deliver GSM modem functionality and manage file transfer.
MultiAPIsTM technology enables efficient usage of multiple Bluetooth 
adapters installed on a single PC. This technology offers Soft Service
Company's clients new business opportunities and makes their
applications 99% ready for Bluetooth  marketing activities.

Bluetooth  Framework features cross-platform support and works under
Microsoft  Windows  2000, XP, Vista , 9x, ME, NT.

Read more about Bluetooth  Framework 5.2.1 at

Download the demo version for free from:
(VCL) (ActiveX)

About Soft Service Company

Established in 2001, Soft Service Company is one of the key providers
of wireless communications software. Permanent perfection of the
product line allows the company to be at the cutting edge in its
market. Soft Service Company is a reliable partner for its clients who
need to develop unique software or add wireless communications support
into their applications. Soft Service Company offers its customers
100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime 24/7 comprehensive technical
support. To learn more about Soft Service Company please visit

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A demo version of Bluetooth  Framework 5.2.1 is available for review

Product page link: htt

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