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Re: [advocacy-discuss] OpenSolaris Live Chat Join Now!!

Subject: Re: [advocacy-discuss] OpenSolaris Live Chat Join Now!!
From: "C. Bergström"
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 10:55:06 +0300
Jim Grisanzio wrote:
On 05/29/09 07:14, Uros Nedic wrote:
  Same is with Jive. We cannot open any new newsgroup because Jive come
to the point when adding new groups could be critical to its stability.

Hi ...

Oh, Jive is way beyond being unstable at this point. :)
Sorry I can't help, but add a small amount of input..

Disclaimer: Jive software has been kind enough to give us (OSUNIX) a complimentary license to their clearspace community..

While I haven't stress tested clearspace community to the extent of opensolaris.org traffic it's exactly what /we/ need. I realize that Jive software products aren't open source and that you're using an ancient version. However, replacing it with only a wiki instead of the newer version (which is awesome) seems strange. (Pardon some ignorance since I only know a part of the plan)

At the very least this is what comes to mind..

1) There would probably be a clear upgrade path
2) It balances wiki/community/forums all in one
3) I don't work for Jive software, but I'd bet they are more than happy to work with the opensolaris community on any issues/feature
4) afaik it scales very well and a lot of F500 companies are using it



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