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[Adonthell-artwork] Grass texture v.0.1

Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] Grass texture v.0.1
From: James Nash
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 00:30:31 +0100
Hi all,

As I mentioned before I'm working on a grass texture.

What I have so far is 8 rows of blades of grass which are intended to be used as vertical layers and a basic earthy background that will be the ground beneath the grass. The resulting mapobject will occupy 120 x 80 pixels (or 3 x 2 tiles) on the ground.
I put together a quick fakeshot to see how it looks when it is tiled:

I've positioned NG between layers of grass so his feet are obscured by the layers in front of him. I'm hoping that it will look exactly like this in-game eventually.
It will be interesting to see how it looks when he moves through the
grass vertically. As he passes vertical layers of grass his feet will
suddenly jump in front or behind a layer. Since the layers are quite
closely stacked in this case (10 pixels between each row) and each
layer is partially obscured by its previous layer I'm hoping that
this effect won't be too obvious and it will still look nice!

All in all I'm fairly pleased with this first cut (no pun intended!). Looking at the fakeshot there's a few improvements I want to make though before I consider this complete:
- Improve the ground texture (it's pretty much the artistic
equivalent of a hack right now). This is important since it can be a
ground texture on its own too.
- Add some soft shadows between and below the layers of grass. This
ought to give it a greater feeling of depth.
- Produce a few variants of the basic grass tile. They can vary from
variations in the grass blades or extra decorations such as flowers,
stones, mushrooms etc. Dropping in a few of these when making a large
grassy area on a map will make the repetition of the tiles less obvious.

As always, feedback and ideas are most welcome!

                        - James
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